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This is the latest incarnation of MaheuFamily.com.  My name is Paul Maheu, and I started this site back in 2003 so that members of the Maheu family would have a place where they can interact with other members, and possibly reacquaint themselves.  I figured that in this age of high speed internet, it's an ideal way to find out information about our family from anywhere in the world.  I hope that you'll enjoy your stay here, and that you'll take a moment to email me by clicking the contact link above to give me your comments and feedback.  In addition, any information you can pass along to me about our extended family, their history, etc. will be greatly appreciated.

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ATTENTION!!  yourname@maheufamily.com email addresses are now available!  They are free of charge, and are a great way to have a personalized email account for your friends & family to use.  Contact me to see if your first name is still available.
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